Transparent Valuations for Pension Savings

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Transparent Valuations for Pension Savings

Frequently Asked Questions


1.1. Who do I contact with queries?
The firm (TAM Asset Management Ltd) is responsible for only portfolio management. All administrative queries should be passed to your Company, or the Pensions Administrator. Options Workplace Pensions & Auto-enrolment:
T: +44 (0) 330 124 1510
F: +44 (0) 1908 506169
Options UK
1st Floor
Lakeside House
Shirwell Crescent
Furzton Lake
Milton Keynes
1.2. How do I contact TAM Workplace Pensions or TAM Asset Management?
Both can be contacted via or by calling (+44) 0207 5549 7650
1.3. Is TAM Asset Management regulated?
TAM Asset Management Ltd is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority, under number 208243. TAM Workplace Pensions is an administrator only and not regulated .
1.4. Does selecting a portfolio using the TAM platform include any financial or investment advice?
TAM only provides information about and access to the range of discretionary managed investment portfolios offered and managed under the workplace pension trust. There is no advice offered in any respect. TAM therefore makes no representation to you as to the suitability of nor does it advise on the merits of the discretionary asset management service it provides and makes absolutely no warranty as to the suitability of services or of a particular portfolio for you. You should take independent advice and consult an independent financial adviser or other professional adviser if you are unsure about your choices. TAM is the client of the Pension Trust and has no knowledge of your personal circumstances or financial situation.
1.5. Who is TAM Asset Management?
TAM Asset Management is the discretionary fund manager providing investment services to the trustees. TAM's team of experienced investment professionals are committed to providing exceptional portfolio management services to individual clients and institutions around the world. More information is readily available at
1.6. What is a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM)?
A DFM is a specialist investment manager that the trust authorises to manage investment mandates and make investment decisions on members behalf. A DFM will make investment decisions without prior approval or consultation but within a risk mandate.
1.7. What are the characteristics of this service that cumulatively make it unique?
  • Access to established portfolios managed by proven and award-winning investment managers with a long-term track record
  • Risk choice on default portfolios, ESG and Sharia offering
  • Exceptional online reporting – you can access your account 24/7 via your online login


2.1. How secure is my money?
Member assets are protected by being held in a designated pooled client asset or client money account with our custodian Pershing Securities International Limited (Pershing). This ensures that they are held separately and are easily distinguishable from both TAM’s and Pershing’s own assets in the unlikely event of a default by either TAM or Pershing. It means that they would not be considered to belong to either company and can therefore be easily allocated to the beneficial owner. Pershing Securities Limited are owned by BNY Mellon and are one of the largest custodians of client assets globally. For more information contact


3.1. How do you ensure my account remains secure?
TAM does not store any of your personal detail online. TAM has a cyber security policy in place.


4.1. What type of Default account is available?
You can opt into through your trustee to three types of default mandate , Defensive, Balanced or Adventurous. Explanations of the risk and mandates are available in Factsheets on the website
4.2. What is a Non- Default ESG account?
Outside of the standard default offering TAM proffers an ESG Growth option. The factsheet for this is available on the website.
4.3. What is a Non - Default Sharia account ?
Outside of the standard default offering TAM proffers a Sharia Growth option. The factsheet for this is available on the website.
4.4. What is the difference between a Default Portfolio and a Non Default Portfolio?
The default/nondefault portfolio is managed in the same way. The difference is cost. Default portfolios run by TAM are capped at a total charge pa of 0.5%. The non-default portfolios are not capped as to price but are still run by TAM as cost sensitively as possible. The cost is in the fact sheets for up to date pricing but is typically not more than 0.75% pa.
4.5. Why are Non Default Portfolios slightly more expensive than default?
The work undertaken and cost of the underlying assets available in ESG and Sharia is slightly higher. TAM believes that forcing the price for these products to ensure default pricing has a material effect on its ability to manage the portfolios given the breadth of the market. You may find both ESG and Sharia available in default pricing at competitors, but TAM does not want to compromise investment alternatives.
4.6. Can I switch Funds?
Yes, you may.......please contact your Company or Trustees. See 1.1 above


5.1. What does TAM charge for its service?
The annual platform fee TAM charges is just 0.2% per annum. The total charge for the entire service is circa 0.42%, including execution and Operating costs of funds are outlined in 7.2 and 7.3 below. TAM is capped at 0.5%
5.2. What other charges are there related to investments?
As an execution fee TAM charges 0.5% up to a maximum of 50p per transaction. This results, typically in an average portfolio cost of approximately 0.14% pa.
5.3. Are there any other charges?
There are no other TAM charges whatsoever. The investments however are in collective funds and these carry OCF's (Operating charges). Again in 2020 these equated to approx. 0.14% pa
5.4.Does the Pension Trustee and Administrator charge for their service?
Yes, the Trust and Administrator charge a fee per month. That scale of fees is available from the administration team at Options....See 1.1


6.1. How is my money invested?
Your monies are invested in line with the style of investments and equity / non-equity split you have chosen for your portfolio. TAM only invests in regulated and/or listed funds or exchange traded equivalents. We choose institutional share classes, the lowest cost. Your investment, of course, can go down as well as up and you may get back less than your original investment.
6.2. How quickly will my money be invested?
Your money will usually be invested the following day after the funds have cleared within TAM's custody agent.
6.3. What sort of return can my investments get?
TAM can never guarantee any return because past performance is not a guide for future gains. However, the web pages highlight long term return possibilities at 2%,4% and 6% growth pa as examples. Please always bear in mind that investments don’t always go up and you could get back less than you invested. In times of high volatility, such as the present Global Pandemic, and financial crisis there may be significant periods of no or negative return.
6.4. How can I review my investments?
See the instructions in Section 10 “Keeping Track Of Your Account” below. You can review your investment 24/7, all at the click of a button. TAM’s innovative online platform offers 24 hour access and complete reporting transparency for clients. It allows up to date portfolio valuations, and detailed analysis of investments, performance measurement and details of asset exposure. With a few clicks it is possible to draw a full management report of your chosen dates and style, which can be delivered as a .pdf, i.e. instantly.


7.1. Are there risks involved in investing?
There is always an element of risk when investing as the value of investments can go down as well as up and you could end up with less than you originally invested. You may wish to consider certain aspects of your individual circumstances before you chose a risk profile with your trustee and company for your scheme. Our fact sheets are a guide to some elements of risk. Nonetheless long-term savings on a consistent basis historically have proved to provide a steady element of growth.


8.1. What do I do if I have a complaint against TAM or about its services?
To benefit all TAM clients or underlying beneficiaries, TAM have complaint handling procedures in place to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and promptly. Should a complaint occur, TAM would appreciate the opportunity to resolve any problems or difficulties for you. If you have a complaint against TAM, you should make the complaint directly to TAM either by letter, email or telephone. All complaints should be addressed to the Compliance Department using the following contact details:
TAM Asset Management Ltd
City Tower,
40 Basinghall Street,
Tel: (+44) 0207 549 7650


9.1. Usage of your personal data?
Your Personal Data will only be shared between TAM (as the manager), Pershing (as the custody agent) and the trustee administrators for the efficient management of the member assets. Your details will not be shared with any other 3rd parties.
9.1. Does TAM run a credit check on me?
No, we don’t run any credit check or review of personal data whatsoever


10.1. How do I access my account?
You will receive login instructions once your member account has been opened and funded. You will have a password available as part of the ongoing process. Your login access is from the website.
10.2. What does the online web portal provide me in the way of info/reporting?
TAM provides an online web portal which offers clients an extensive range of features to maximise the efficiency with which they can keep track of their investment portfolios. This includes a comprehensive overview of their investment portfolio detailing individual investments and performance, as well as the reasons behind each individual investment. Clients can also view a breakdown of the sector, geography and currency exposures within their portfolio, as well as a full portfolio valuation since inception. Investors are also able to produce a full investment review pdf within seconds, at any time of the day.
10.3. How do I get an immediate overview of my account?
The initial “Account Detail” screen after login gives a basic summary of the account type, market value of the portfolio, monetary gain/loss and percentage gain/loss since inception.

On this page, you will also see a breakdown of the portfolio’s exposures across sectors, geography and currency, as well as TAM’s latest Urgent Manager Commentaries, which report on the latest market news.

NOTE: An example TAM Focus portfolio has been used throughout this document for demonstrative purposes
10.4. How do I view more detail on my account?
To view the full portfolio, in the “Account Detail” screen you need to click on the account reference – in the above screenshot example this is “TAMAR001063” in blue.

The ‘My Portfolio’ page is a summary of all the positions held within your portfolio, including the amount held (in units and as a percentage of the overall portfolio), the monetary value of the holding and the profit or loss made on the position since its addition. The ‘My Portfolio’ tab will always appear in the top panel to return you to this page when you have navigated away. Illustration only. Past performance is not a guide for future returns. The value of investments, and the income from it, may go down as well as up and may fall below the amount initially invested.

The ‘Net Movements’ option allows you to see a valuation of your portfolio as at the inception date. Illustration only. Past performance is not a guide for future returns. The value of investments, and the income from it, may go down as well as up and may fall below the amount initially invested.
10.5. How do I view all cash movements into and out of the portfolio since inception?
Click on “Dealing GBP” at the bottom of the ‘My Portfolio’ page. The cash account shows dates and details of all cash movements into and out of the portfolio since inception including fees, purchases/sales of funds, withdrawals and dividends received.

To see the Cash Transaction Narrative, simply select the date of the transaction and the narrative will appear at the bottom of the page.
10.6. How do I get more information on the funds in my portfolio?
If you wish to look closer at an individual fund, just click on the fund name in the ‘My Portfolio’ page and you will be directed to a page which gives you a thorough overview, including a short description of the issuing company and security, a link to the KIID fund factsheet document, details of all the trades made on this specific fund starting with the initial purchase (displayed in the illustrative graphic below), a full breakdown of the underlying asset allocation of the fund and a list of commentaries from the Fund Manager (typically produced on a monthly basis). Selecting a trade date will direct you to a page which details the specifics of the trade, including a narrative written by a member of TAM’s investment team, outlining the reasons behind the trade.
10.7. How do I get more detail on the performance of my portfolio?
Select ‘Performance’ at the top of the ‘My Portfolio’ page which will direct you to the page below. Here, you can see a table of the performance of the portfolio versus the benchmark, along with a graphic, with the shaded regions also showing the market value of the portfolio, withdrawals and fees. Illustration only. Past performance is not a guide for future returns. The value of investments, and the income from it, may go down as well as up and may fall below the amount initially invested.

To see performance broken down on a month-by-month basis, select 'Historical' in top panel. You will then be able to analyse each individual month separately.
10.8. How do I get more detail on the asset allocation exposure of my portfolio?
Select ‘Exposure’ tab which will take you to a page displaying the aggregated portfolio exposure by sector, geography and currency, the top ten largest holdings within the portfolio, historical exposure and exposure to each asset class also broken down by sector, geography and currency.
10.9. How can I generate a comprehensive pdf investment report?
You are able to generate a comprehensive report within seconds by selecting ‘Reports’ on the initial ‘Account Details page.

It is then simply a case of selecting ‘Report Request’ in the top panel of the following page, which will lead you to the page below, where various report types can be chosen from the drop down list and a date range can be selected as required.

Select ‘Generate Report’ and you will see the automatically generated report appear on the generated reports page. This page will also have links to all other recently created reports. Click the underlined title of the report you wish to see and it will launch as a pdf. which can be downloaded and used as required.